JB Ryans is a self-taught 23-year-old Singer-Songwriter and Producer, based out of Las Vegas, NV, whose raw lyrics focus back on his life and challenges he has overcome to inspire others who may be fighting the same battles. Influenced by countless genres and artists ranging from bands such as Linkin Park, to newly risen R&B, pop, and hip-hop artists such as Khalid, Lauv, and NF, Ryans sound is a dream-like atmospheric fusion of R&B, Pop, and hints of Electronic allowing his listeners to think, feel and express their own emotions.


Ryans love for music began at a very young age listening to music with his sisters from icons such as TLC, N’SYNC, and Usher. From his friends, he became acquainted with bands such as Linkin Park, which JB describes them now as a huge inspiration for why he eventually began to venture into a career in music. Ryans dreamed of always being in a band, playing award shows, and getting slimed at the Kid Choice Awards but his journey led him to venture into different avenues of content creation such as YouTube. Under varying monikers, he found success and worked with companies such as the Disney Digital Network, formally known as Maker Studios. His college career led him down a path of becoming a filmmaker, gaining skills to further express his creative mind.


It wasn’t until early 2017, did his music journey begin after feeling lost due to his constant battle with depression and anxiety. Beginning with covers on YouTube, under the name Seyn Mu, Ryans began to release cover songs weekly and began writing music as well. Very quickly, however, music became less of a hobby for the then YouTuber and more like therapy. It became the place where he could finally be honest about his struggles, and he realized that he had a message to share. In 2019, Ryans began to share that message through his Instagram page. Using his skills as a YouTuber, Content Creator, and Filmmaker, Ryans posted a video nearly every day on Instagram opening up about his life and mental health story, growing an audience on the platform who like he, had their own stories to share. He released two singles, “18” and “Confession of the Brokenhearted”, which was played in sixteen different countries and closed in on 1000 streams in the four months since his debut release in September 2019. In 2020, Ryans is set to release six singles over the course of the year.


JB Ryans - “I have struggled my entire life, but here I am.  I’m here to stand for you. I’m here to be a friend. I’m here to show you that you are not alone and that you can and will overcome. I believe in you.”

APRIL 10, 2020

"Happy" opens up with an interesting moody atmosphere before everything hits you at once and carries through. The chorus is very special here, it surprises you with vocoded vocal harmonies and JB Ryans ever so soft voice. The production of "Happy" is very modern sounding but feels very organic in each element of the song, this compliments the vocal performance in a beautiful way that leaves space for the vocal to breath while also keeping the energy high. From JB. Ryans engaging vocal performance to the dynamic production, this is a record that will make its way onto your moody playlist. 

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